Friday, December 11, 2015

Sad Puppies 4: The Embigginning

Yesterday, Kate the Impaler officially announced the start of Sad Puppies 4:
The time has come, the walrus said… Except it was actually the huge manatee, and what he said was “HOON!”
Because yes, it is time to start Sad Puppies 4 in Earnest. And Houston. And Philadelphia. And Back-o-Beyond. You get the idea.
Nominations will open in January 2016, and probably close in March (the closing date hasn’t been officially announced). I’m planning to have The List posted mid to late February (depending, as always, on just how feral my work schedule happens to be). Recommendations have been trickling in, but we need more. MOAR!
Yes, we do. And guys? The recommendation process is wide open -- deliberately. Contra the claims of our Puppy kicking critics, our goal here is to broaden participation, not to keep people out. So if you have a favorite work - or twelve - that you would like to see make our list, then please stop by our website and make your voice heard!

Sorry, folks: I'll go back to writing real posts again next week. :\

1 comment:

  1. They burned the awards to save them from the barbarians and used their own credibility as the fuel. The insanity of it all is as funny as it is sad. They told thousands of new fans to go take a flying leap, with no thought of the long term effects on the genre. All so they could keep giving each other awards.

    Science fiction can not afford to lose thousands of fans willing to pay 40 bucks a piece to vote in an awards contest. Most industries would consider kissing off paying customers as something to dread, not celebrate. But I guess Scalzi and company figure they have enough fans and don't need any more. I know I won't be wasting my money on their material.

    On the other hand, the puppy wars have introduced me to a whole gang of people who write the kind of stuff I like to read, and they don't mind dealing with the unwashed masses. These folks will be getting my money and my time.