Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Boosting the Signal for a Great Cause

Kenton Kilgore is trying to raise money for the Navajo Nation this month, and while my own little blog has limited reach, I figure it couldn't hurt to pass the information along. Quoth Kenton:

According to the non-profit DIGDEEP, 40% of all homes on the Navajo reservation do not have running water. DIGDEEP’s Navajo Water Project has been working for several years to remedy that, and they’re having success.

I’ve helped the Project in the past, and I’m hoping to do so again with sales of the revised version of Dragontamer’s Daughters (released earlier this year), which was inspired by Navajo culture and belief. Like I did in 2013, I will donate to the Project 100% of the profits from DTD that I receive in December.

Let's all pitch in and do something substantive for a community that deserves our help!

Dragontamer's Daughters

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