Friday, June 2, 2017

Dear Kathy Griffin,

The Trump family is not destroying your career, and your press conference was an absolute embarrassment.

I took a quick scroll through the president's Twitter feed, and I found one - ONE - tweet addressing your stunt, which reads: "Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself. My children, especially my 11 year old son, Barron, are having a hard time with this. Sick!" This is not a call for you to be fired from CNN or for your future gigs to be canceled. Am I missing some super-secret illuminati subtext? Was it something the first lady said, perhaps, that got the ball rolling? Actually, no: As far as I can ascertain, Melania Trump simply said your "comedy" was disturbing and questioned your mental health. Again, there is no demand here that your life be made miserable.

The Trump family's reaction to your photo was natural, relatively muted, and pretty damned justified. They are not systematically "bullying" you; honestly, they don't even have the time for such a campaign. Instead, the hate you're catching comes directly from ordinary American citizens. Ordinary American citizens put pressure on CNN to give you the ax. Ordinary American citizens are calling venues to have your appearances canceled. How do I know this? Because I've personally seen the war-gaming on social media. Ordinary American citizens are disgusted by your photo, and they're using the power of the internet to communicate their feelings to you in a manner you won't forget.

Is it vindictive? Sure. Do I wish we lived in a society in which this kind of dogpiling is not a regular feature of our news cycle? Yes. But understand the context: Using the same tactics (and worse), your compatriots on the political left have been destroying regular people - not public figures - for years over perceived "transgressions" that were far more benign than your assassination porn. And quite frankly, many conservatives and libertarians feel they've been pushed into a corner and have no other choice but to strike back. The owners of Memories Pizza, Dr. Matt Taylor, Sir Tim Hunt -- all of these were private citizens who fell afoul of leftwing social justice mobs. None of these people indulged in violent fantasies of beheading their political opponents. They simply expressed a politically incorrect position on a social issue. Or wore the wrong shirt to an interview. Or cracked a joke that a dishonest feminist journalist decided to yank out of context for the lolz. Did they deserve the hate they received, Kathy? Can you, just maybe, summon up some empathy now for all the people who've been repeatedly and mendaciously trashed by your allies?

When you claim that nothing like this has ever happened before - that your experience is historically unprecedented - you are revealing your sheltered ignorance. When you and your lawyer whine that this is because you're a woman and not because you're especially well known, you make us laugh. When you try to draw a false equivalence between your photo and Trump's being a crude asshole, we simply don't buy it. Take responsibility for your own actions, Kathy, and stop playing the victim. You knew exactly what you were doing, and now you're facing the consequences.


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  1. The "lady" was already (by her own admission) on the celebrity "D" list. That means she isn't important enough for anyone to protect if they have to. She can't help get other actors jobs, and she can't move that film project you want out of development hell. So she is expendable.

    She then did something that makes pretty much anyone skeptical of Trump look like a raving lunatic. So the folks who made virtue signalling a national pastime decided to virtue signal in another direction and throw her under the bus. None of which has anything to do with Trump.