Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Drive-By News Reaction: Charlotte

No, I didn't watch the debate Monday night; I had to work. Scanning the transcript reveals, however, that I didn't miss much. Besides, as a classical liberal/constitutional conservative/federalist/I'm not sure what, I don't have a dog in this fight anyway.

You said it, Chandler.

I do, however, have a stake in what happens to our society as a whole -- which is one reason why reports like the following from the Charlotte Observer strike a nerve:

Trucker to 911 as looters close in: "They are coming this way... hundreds of them."

That there are people out there condoning this mode of "protest" chills me to my very core. How does robbing a long-haul trucker just trying to do his job help the black community? How does blocking major thoroughfares and throwing rocks at cars accomplish anything?

These people are terrorists, pure and simple. Their behavior shouldn't be excused or explained away; it should be prosecuted. Then, perhaps, actual law-abiding citizens can talk and hash out some real fixes for our widespread social decay and the accompanying corruption of our institutions.


  1. Exactly. Worse -- and more foreboding -- is that the Charlotte Uprising leaders STILL insist Scott was murdered by a White cop while reading a book in his car. Amazing.

  2. These rioters should learn from history. The year is 1968. On one side, the nonthreatening Humbert H. Humphrey, on the other Richard Nixon, a man America had rejected 8 years earlier. In walks Abby Hoffman and the rest of the anti-war left. They spent that year having a great time scaring America half to death. What they got in return for their fun was a president most would have considered the devil himself.

    When you have a candidate running on fear of others, you shouldn't be helping him make his point. And the moral leaders of BLM should understand the big picture here. Scaring people will not get them to like you or agree with you. It just makes them afraid and willing to do what they think they have to in order to be safe. That may include voting for a man most would consider the devil himself.