Saturday, June 17, 2017

Podcast #4: Matt and I Talk DS9!

With this podcast, I'm starting a two-week moratorium on all things political. Because sometimes, you just have to have fun for once!


  1. That was a great podcast about a great show. The whole edge of the frontier thing combined with flawed characters who would rather be somewhere else made for some great storytelling. It's not the best Trek (the old school geek in me has to give that title to TOS), but you'd need a time machine to find anything better.

    My only real disagreement is with your assessment of Far Beyond The Stars. If I remember correctly, Sisko doesn't really go back to the 1950's, he just dreams it while in a coma. I admit that the ending made it a little ambiguous with Sisko's "was Benny my dream or are we his" comment, but I thought that was just the writers making a point about the nature of fiction. After all, both Benny's world and Sisko's are the same distance from reality.

    One last comment, if you are going to have your brother talk about his work, be a good sibling and provide links to where we can either read his work or (more importantly) buy it.

    1. The links to Matt's work can be found in the description on YouTube. ;)

    2. My bad. I should have checked with youtube before trying to play smart ass. :(