Monday, May 15, 2017

Video: Why I Hate the SJW YouTube Community

This is a very long video, but I highly recommend it because it describes in excruciating detail just some of the crap social justice bullies have inflicted on dissenters all over the Western world, whether the subject is Islam, race/gender/sexuality, or hell, even which science fiction works are worthy of acclaim. Believe me: Kraut and Tea only addresses the tip of a very large and very sinister iceberg. Ask anyone who has publicly questioned SJB orthodoxy and you will hear equally sordid tales of lying, doxing, blackmail, extortion, libel, etc. These people, quite frankly, are evil; whether that's a natural outgrowth of their ideology or an odd feature of their individual personalities - or a little of both - is an interesting topic for discussion.


  1. Heh... his last point is essentially "And this is why Trump won."

  2. Actually there was really good stuff after that...