Sunday, March 26, 2017

More Grumpy Thoughts

  • So the net now informs me that finding clothes that fit is a "cis privilege." As a cis-female, that certainly comes as news to me. For years, I have had trouble finding pants that fit correctly -- and the less said about shoes, the better.
  • Saying that finding clothes that fit is a "cis privilege" is like saying white people are privileged because "nude" hosiery and Band-aids "match their skin tone." Neither statement is true. I defy you to find any "nude" products that match this:

  • If you recognize that a fetus is a human being with rights, there is no contradiction between being pro-life and advocating for small government. Sorry, Tomi Lahren.
  • If this is a society in which fakers like Rachel Dolezal can appropriate a minority racial identity and, for a time, profit from it, this is not a "white supremacist" society. Is it a society in which certain lingering inequalities cut across racial lines? Yes -- but WHY? I think the answer to that question is far more complicated than race-obsessed ideologues care to admit -- and involves the "well-meaning" government to a substantial degree.
  • "Sensitivity readers" are hucksters. I believe in doing the research and being as accurate as possible, but who gave these self-appointed gatekeepers the authority to speak for their entire gender/ethnicity/orientation? Once again, the publishing establishment is allowing a small group of militant activists to vitiate the individuality and agency of millions of other people -- and as a disabled woman, I won't stand for it.
  • And since I've been watching some Star Trek lately: Data didn't need an emotion chip. The early seasons of TNG make it perfectly clear that he was human enough from the start. He was capable of missing crew-mates and appreciating friendships. He showed great compassion for others -- to the point of violating the letter of the Prime Directive in at least one instance. And his insatiable curiosity is, on its own, a profoundly human trait. The only thing the emotion chip did, in my opinion, was allow Brent Spiner to mug for the camera. It didn't add anything vital to the character.
And I think I'll leave it there for tonight. ;)

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