Tuesday, October 4, 2016

More Photos: The Virginia State Fair

Quick Admin Note: This week, I will be posting content on Tuesday and Thursday to accommodate my travel schedule.

Despite recent lousy weather, I was finally able to attend the Virginia State Fair for a few hours this past Sunday afternoon before I had to head back home to teach my church's brand new confirmandi. Click below for the pics and the commentary!

Of course, the first reason anyone - including yours truly - goes to a fair is to eat crazy fair food. At the VA State Fair, I bought a BBQ parfait (with pulled lamb and mashed potatoes) and a side of deep-fried mac-n-cheese...

... which was followed up by an order of deep-fried Oreos.

I also bought a couple pounds of bulk candy to take back home.

After lunch, I headed over to the Arts and Crafts exhibit. These were some of the wreaths on display.

This quilt did not win first place, but personally, I liked it the best.

There was also a photography competition...

... as well as a few christening gowns. I bet my own mom could beat these competitors!

Third, I headed over to the horticulture exhibit to look at the giant gourds.

This pumpkin placed sixth in the size competition, but it won the blue ribbon for being the ugliest. Heh.

And this is the first prize winner for size.

I also took pictures of some other pumpkins that placed.

Here is the first prize winner for largest watermelon.

And here are some other giant watermelons.

There were a lot of giant pumpkins in the competition. The one in the center was the second place winner.

Look at all the lovely corn!

This was my favorite garden display. The horse sculpture is very clever.

There were also "immersive" history exhibits.

And if I'd had more time, I'd have toured this historic mansion too.

Instead, I headed over to see the farm animals. Here are a hen...

... ducks...

... goats...

... donkeys...

... and some Texas longhorn cattle.

They also had a separate display for pigeons and doves.

This was my first time attending the state fair, and I definitely enjoyed myself. Time to put this on my annual "must visit" list!

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