Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Ideological Lens Is Blinding

And here's a chaser: Your Lying Eyes, by Sarah Hoyt

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  1. That's a good piece by Sargon. Ideologues who claim being white and male is itself not only an ideological lens for 100 million white male Americans but a lens they are too stupid to see or overcome is its own brand of stupidity routinely passed off as some form of logic. In response to that myth, people in SFF react with "diversity" and the "marginalized" when what they really mean is affirmative action. The idea E. Rice Burroughs or H. P. Lovecraft are interchangeable modules with some female or non-white SFF writer amounts to putting random artists at the same level as true success stories. If those random AA picks were so good, they wouldn't have to be AA picks. This is how Third Wave Feminist ideology has destroyed SFF in only a few years. The number of free short fiction Hugo and Nebula nominees is at an all-time high. That's because they can't sell their AA stories; they are just too bad. The entire enterprise resembles the old days when a magazine would fold for lack of success. In this modern version, the magazine keeps going, subsidized by writers asking for donations or willing to work for free because they have a spouse or a full-time job.

    Ironically, this entire lie is based on the idea old SFF mags were willing to risk their finances just to keep out women or non-whites. The truth is the demographic just wasn't there, just as there are no black people in hockey. In 1955, the top dozen American magazines by circulation had 6 aimed at women, none at men. Where was the patriarchy? The so-called "marginalized" in SFF marginalized themselves by their reading tastes. This is called "demographics," a thing ad agencies have been making money at for 100 years. When that demographic changed, it entered the field - end of story. The fact it hasn't changed enough to suit weird feminists amounts to lies tainting their paranoid and irrational ideological lens. Meanwhile, straight white males get discriminated against as ideological women-haters and racists for basically no reason.