Monday, November 23, 2015

Hamilton: The Latest Musical That's Grabbed My Attention

Since this is my personal blog, I feel it's my right to inflict my ear worms on the rest of you.

Using rap, hip-hop, and pop to stage the biography of a colorful - and often hated - revolutionary figure might seem like a phenomenally bad idea, but I recommend you push past that initial skepticism. I've been listening to the two-disc soundtrack for Hamilton: An American Musical in snippets over the past week or so, and it's damned clever. Damned clever. Indeed, the historical content is substantive enough that it's convincing me to like the rap battles.

And you know what else makes me happy? The fact that this show's Puerto Rican composer and star read a book about a white guy and claimed it. Props to Lin-Manuel Miranda for rejecting the melting snowflake routine -- and by all means, sir, continue playing with American history. It's just as much your history as it is mine.

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