Monday, October 12, 2015

Photo Journal: An Autumn Weekend in New England

My brother, my sister-in-law, and I went to the Topsfield Fair Friday.

There, we saw a ~2000 pound Pumpkin of Doom...

...beautiful horse-drawn carriages...

...impressive sand sculptures...

...and tractor Zambonis. It was great!

I love agricultural fairs without irony because of things like this. These sweets are bad enough already, but at a fair, someone always comes up with a genius plan to dip them in batter and throw them in a fryer. (We didn't buy any of these. We did, however, buy some friend dough -- because eating fatty food is totally what a fair is for.)

On Saturday, we went apple picking at a local farm in New Hampshire.

And on Sunday, we finished out the weekend with a trip to the White Mountains to peep at the foliage...

...and gawk at the textbook perfect lenticular cloud formations.

By the way, no visit to the mountains is complete without a stop at Zeb's in North Conway Village, where this fellow is prominently displayed. We never saw the real thing, but this touristy substitute is awesome enough.

Did you folks enjoy your long weekend?

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