Friday, October 30, 2015

Another Link of Interest: Fisking Wired

The hit pieces never stop. This time, a writer at Wired has jumped on the Puppy Kicker bandwagon and dutifully repeated the SFF establishment's distortions and outright lies. Fortunately, "Dystopic" has already fisked this nonsense so we don't have to:

A few of my favorite quotes:
Amy explains that “activists” were angry because characters were gay, or women, or aliens. What kind of nonsense is this? I am a participant in a number of forums and locales on the Internet where Sad and Rabid Puppies discuss authors, characters and books. Many of them (probably the majority) are fans of David Weber, whose penultimate Honor Harrington series is centered around a woman. His Safehold series features a transgender (a woman who became a man) as Merlin, arguably the most important character of the series. The Raj Whitehall series by S.M. Stirling and David Drake features two gay protagonists in the service of the titular Raj Whitehall. Sarah Hoyt (a female author and Sad Puppy, by the way) has a major gay character in her Darkship series.
And in Torgersen's The Chaplain's War, the lead female is a North African Copt. As I remarked in my short post on Baen, the books we Pups like are lousy with "diverse" characters and strong women. Unfortunately, said characters don't fit the narrow political "types" these SJW's seek. Instead, they are flesh-and-blood individuals -- and competent ones at that.

Moving on:
What we insist is that diversity is irrelevant. It’s the story that matters. If you want to tell your story with a bunch of Norwegian Men who are whiter than a polar bear in a snowstorm, go ahead. If you want to have a cast of Gay Jewish Black Transgender Lesbians, nobody is stopping you. Write your story, and make it good.
Actually, there is a sort of diversity that actually does matter: diversity of thought. This, however, is something the radical fannish left is busily trying to squelch.

And speaking of the left's power:
Tor is run by Leftists like PNH and Irene Gallo. The media is sympathetic to your point of view. When a Black man is killed by a White cop, everybody notices. When the reverse happens (and it HAS happened), nobody even bats an eyelash. It’s #BlackLivesMatter not #StopPoliceBrutality or something else neutral. It is about how many gay authors get nominated, or how many Black authors get nominated, not whether or not any of the works are good. 
White men are more likely to get published? By who? Amy, your side controls all SciFi publishers except Baen and Castalia. Indeed, it’s Indie publishing and Amazon that aspiring White male authors like myself often have to go to, because we all know that PNH would chuck our work into the garbage can the second he picked up a whiff of non-Progressive thought in it. 
You keep thinking that we are “The Man.” Here’s a newsflash for you, Amy: YOU ARE “THE MAN.” 
DC Comics bows to your wishes. Hollywood is famous for being Left-leaning. Even Politico acknowledges that the media is 95% Liberal. Your side has all the power. We don’t have privilege, and we haven’t for decades. 
You call us the oppressors. You project your own actions onto us.
OORAH. This is telling it like it is. Privilege is multivariate -- and in the world of fandom, it is not we Pups who possess it.

At any rate, there's plenty more at the link. Go and read. Meanwhile, I will start working on an essay for next week explaining why N.K. Jemison's definition of science fiction as "the literature of the present, viewing the future as allegory" is, at best, only twenty percent correct. Boy, do I have a lot to say on that one! 

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