Saturday, December 1, 2018

Don't Just Sit There. Fight Back.

I have been informed through the magic of the intertubes that there was a - situation - at LosCon recently involving accomplished hard science fiction writer and "Killer B" Gregory Benford and an audience member who took issue with the former individual's use of the word "honey" in a wholly sensible remark on the importance of getting the science right. Said word was not intended to address anyone in particular - and in fact arose in a discussion of contemporary greats that highlighted the works of several female authors - but that didn't matter to Ms. Precious Snowflake, who simply had to disrupt the panel and bitch to the concom.

What strikes me the most about the eye-witness accounts of this dust-up is the fear. Normal, well-adjusted fans who were enjoying the discussion - including Benford's contributions - sat there dumbstruck, wanting to tell the ideologically-possessed screecher to shut her damn mouth, yet hesitating in the hopes that someone else would make the first move.

We can't let crazy social justice warriors intimidate us, guys. They don't deserve that kind of power.

If you are a member of the sane silent majority, you need rise up and shut these people down the minute they start making a scene. Be that brave soul who stands up and tells a screaming radical, "Stop. We came to hear the panel, not your nonsense." Or: "Be quiet. You're ruining the panel we were enjoying." Demand that the volunteer in the back reach out to SecOps. Encourage anyone else who decides to speak up for rationality and civility. Start that preference cascade.

I know you folks think you're alone because the aspiring totalitarians are so damned loud, but you're not. If you stand up for yourself and your right to a convention experience free of toxic political grandstanding, I guarantee your fellow fans will back you up.

ETA: Just heard that one woman did try to stop Ms. Agenda from monopolizing the discussion. Good for her. We should all follow her example. The more bold we are, the more we can counteract these destructive ideas and get back to the business of fostering genuine diversity and tolerance.

Please remember that as science fiction fans, we've always been forward-thinking, humanistic, and progressive in a general sense. That's why our fandom is being targeted: because we are nice, accepting of Oddballs, and willing to play with ideas. We don't deserve to be treated like bigoted monsters. Don't let anyone abuse us that way.


  1. Your point is valid but I find myself wondering if at least part of the reason no one spoke up was tge bystander effect.

  2. It's hard to add to a "scene" when what you object to is that the scene exists in the first place. :(

    That said, you're right. Of course.

  3. I won't be found dead at a science fiction event. They seem to have been taken over by the utter shit shower of fem and lgnotuoehozhg;shg;ifkhg fucks and I have no use for them and zero tolerance for them.

  4. Not bystander effect - merely bystander man effect (not going to stick HIS neck out until he is sure that the other women in the room won't eviscerate him).