Saturday, September 29, 2018

Is the USA Over?

Sarah Hoyt is probably going to smack me over the head for asking such a question, but I can't help but wonder: Is it time for a divorce? Should we just split the current US in two?

I can live with liberals. In many ways, I am a liberal -- at least in temperament. Though I have very firm opinions on what constitutes the "good life," I generally don't want the state to make my case for me via force of law. Additionally, old-style Democrats and I share many fundamental end goals. I want to alleviate poverty, narrow achievement gaps, help people who have fallen behind -- in essence, work towards a more egalitarian world. Old-style Democrats and I disagree on the type and quantity of the government intervention that is needed to achieve such a goal, but that's okay. Old-style Democrats and I can still discuss those differences and negotiate.

But the new left? The left that has swallowed today's Democrat Party? I can't negotiate with such people. How, pray tell, can I have a functional dialogue with anyone who denies that the truth - whatever it may be - is objective, universal, and accessible through empirical inquiry? How, pray tell, can I build workable public policy with anyone who believes I should be hounded out of society - or even locked up - for questioning the new left's consensus?

And that second question is not hyperbolic in the slightest. Recently, an unknown member of a campus LGBT group argued on Twitter that gulags are pretty great actually and should be used to punish anyone who opposes his/her/zir agenda. Meanwhile, this past week, a "professional" in the comics industry expressed shock that members of the Comicsgate community hadn't been jailed - yes, jailed - for criticizing minority creators. And what about the multiple conservative politicians whose private lives have been disrupted by screaming protestors who refuse to respect boundaries?

At best, they want us completely silenced and humiliated. At worst?

No, I can't "work with" those who are possessed by this diabolical ideology. And if I can't do that, I can't live in this country with them either. I can't live with people who crap all over due process just to indulge their bigotry and/or desire for revenge. I can't live with emotional abusers who accuse me and people like me of the nastiest things imaginable -- then gaslight us and tell us we're babies crying over nothing when, like normal human beings, we get pissed off. I can't live with anyone who flat out doesn't care about evidence, science, logic, or reason because their "lived experience" proves all.

Like Sarah Hoyt, I feel like I'm chained to a bunch of lunatics -- and I want to take a blow torch to that damned manacle. If there's another way to do this besides national dissolution, please tell me. Otherwise? What will be will be, and I won't be sad. In fact, I'll be dancing.

Because I'll finally be free.


  1. The left from the 60s is the NEW Left. The left raised by them is the New New Left.

    Which just shows how long we've had to deal with this.

  2. And I was just talking about this and no, I don't see any way out. We no longer have the shared premise of reality, much less anything else. So there is no middle ground, no reaching across the aisle, no dialogue possible in such conditions. And they won't leave us alone and they won't stop.

    And I USED to think secession was the only answer but now I think even that will not suffice. They still won't leave us alone and any underhanded trick or attack one nation may do to another they will do, gleefully. It would end up in a war for survival. Another war for liberty and self-determination.

    So, sadly, I see nothing that can be done. They won't stop. Ever. And also, sadly,--and remembering that the Reagan Revolution was over as soon as he left office--Trump is only a speedbump. The left's control of the media, entertainment and education is insurmountable.

    I've been told this is defeatist talk. I prefer to think of it as realistic and based on 50 years of direct observation.

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    1. Walter Williams put forth a "divorce" idea 8 years ago.

  4. So... who gets the house and the dog? More importantly, how do we a) leave, or b) kick them out?