Monday, August 27, 2018

I Will Return September 8, 2018

Many apologies for being gone for - let's see - almost a year.

In October 2017, my father had a significant, disabling stroke that forced me to place my parents and their health and well-being first. But finally, after all this time, the situation at home is starting to stabilize. Dad is making fantastic strides in his recovery and is on more powerful medication to control the autoimmune condition that caused his stroke in the first place. And Mom, despite breaking her ankle several months ago, is now able to run quick errands and cook dinner as needed. Hopefully, these positive developments will continue once we move into our new one-level ranch in Amissville, VA, and escape the mobility-impairing Townhouse of a Million Stairs.

At any rate, I want to get back to blogging after this year's Dragon Con. It's time I start raising my voice again in defense of individualism, artistic and intellectual merit, and common sense.

Continue to watch this space. I'm finished with being silent.

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