Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bonus Post: #OperationCounterStrike

The leaders of the Women's March have finally announced an official date for their "General Strike": March 8. This means it is time for me to propose a counter-action.

I'm just a microblogger. I have no clue whether anyone else will think this is a good idea. But here's my thinking: As those of us who are right-of-center - or hell, even moderate - already know, the intersectional feminist narrative does a poor job at explaining the roots of apparent injustice. It also conveniently ignores facts that complicate its black-and-white categories of "oppressor" and "oppressed." Consequently, I think the best way we can respond to this "General Strike" is to focus on inequities that these Women's Marchers are all too happy to overlook.

For example, it is a demonstrable fact that men are more likely to be homeless. Thus, on March 8, I would like to make sandwiches for my local winter shelter (which primarily serves men). And I would like other folks to take up this cause and do similar volunteer work in their own communities.

You don't have to focus on homelessness. Men also struggle more in school, are more likely to be hurt or killed on the job, are more likely to commit suicide, etc. There are many, many ways we can acknowledge men's struggles and implicitly rebuke the pussy brigade and its toxic ideology.

So the question is: Who else wants to work extra hard for American men and be cursed strike breakers in the process? Who else wants to thumb their noses at these silly bints? I'm game. Are you?


  1. A Day Without Feminuts?

    Where's the down side?

  2. How about men counterprotest the NAGs (as Rush's old pith put them) that come out--"Homeless Man on Strike!"--is the first thought that comes to mind as a sign?

  3. I plan on spending that day strangely not noticing their general strike.