Monday, August 15, 2016

Steph's Two-Week Odyssey, Part II: St. Louis

Hey all! It's time for another update on my trip to World Con!

Before I share the best of the photos I took in St. Louis, though, I just want to encourage all my readers to sign up to vote for the Dragon Awards. As you may have heard elsewhere, the short list has just been released to currently registered voters, and several eminently worthy writers made the cut, including Chuck Gannon, Jim Butcher, Larry Correia, and other best-sellers. And by the way, voting won't cost you a thing; this process is 100% open to all fans regardless of your ability to pay a fee.

Now, with that public service announcement out of the way, here are the aforementioned pics:

The Gateway Arch.

A view of St. Louis from the top of the Arch.

A view of the Mississippi from the top of the Arch.

The Old Courthouse.

The Old Cathedral.

A giant grasshopper, which was shot at the Missouri Butterfly House.

Another pic in the Butterfly House.

This is probably my favorite of all the pics!

On Wednesday, I will post highlights from Branson. Until then, God bless!

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