Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Photo Journal: A Little Town in Southwest Virginia

This is The Light in Floyd, Virginia. Yes, that's right: The Light. The town only has one.

I decided to stop in Floyd for a bit on my way to Liberty Con because -
around 14 or 15 years ago - our current cat was born and rescued from a trash can here.

Floyd is the county seat for Floyd County, so the tiny town center does sport a courthouse...

... as well as several small businesses.

You can tell that Floyd's residents take pride in their slower rural lifestyle...

... as well as their Appalachian heritage. This was, to date, the cutest way to package a t-shirt I've ever seen.

Alas, my time in Floyd was too brief to experience everything the town - and the surrounding county - has to offer. But who knows? Maybe I'll return one day. For some reason, it feels important to me to document the pockets of America that our clerisy and our political class seem determined to ignore.

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