Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Photo Journal: Exploring Dad's Future Home

So in my last post, I alluded to a grand adventure. The adventure in question was a trip out to Amissville, VA, an unincorporated rural community situated in Rappahannock County between Warrenton and Washington, VA. Why did Dad, Matt, my sister-in-law and I decide to take such a journey? Because Dad has just bought some land out that way and hopes to retreat there once his planned dream home is finally built.

At the moment, Dad's land is unimproved former grazing land that is overgrown with shrubs, brambles, grasses, and poison ivy -- but it has definite possibilities. This angle doesn't really show it, but the plot has a good view of the Blue Ridge.

It also sports a magnificent sycamore tree that Mom and Dad want to leave in place.

Once we'd spent a little time struggling through the aforementioned overgrowth, we hopped back into the car and headed down the road to explore the general store that marks the center of Amissville and looks to be its central meeting place.

While Dad talked to the ladies up front about some services he needed, I wandered around the store and looked through its contents.

They were selling used items of all kinds...

... including a selection of books and movies...

... and some surprising agricultural products.

I eventually decided to buy a jar of apple butter and a novel written by a local author.

Overall, I loved this place, and I can't wait until my parents move here for good. This is yet another neighborhood where, I feel, the good life can still be found.

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  1. I know the store well -- I spent many years in the area.

    Check out the foxhunting (Old Dominion Hounds, Warrenton Hunt, and others). You can car follow...