Friday, June 24, 2016

Vlog #1: Funny Campaign 2016 Merchandise!

My first low-rent attempt at the whole vlogging thing.

And in other news: Congratulations, Great Britain! I hope we in the States can eventually get our acts together and properly welcome you into the community of free, English-speaking nations. Honestly, my Euroskeptic friends and I are utterly verklempt that you have chosen true sovereignty over the status quo. Absolutely brilliant!

For a good analysis of yesterday's vote and its possible consequences, see also:

Brexit: How, Why, and What Next.

1 comment:

  1. About the only way to get through this one is to laugh. The socks work well, especially for Hillary, as she is the quintessential sock puppet for the .1%. On the other hand, you seem to have found a Trump doll only slightly more articulate then the candidate. Sweet meteor of death indeed.

    As to the EU, I've always been a skeptic. You can't really unite a group of people with different languages, cultures, and histories under the banner of a nebulous concept called being European. The only thing these folks really share is a continent and a history of trying really hard to kill each other. Not exactly the basis for a beautiful friendship.