Monday, June 6, 2016

Anti-SJW YouTube: A Glance at My Subscription List

Given that most of these commentators are moderate liberals and, as far as I can tell, atheist or agnostic, I'm sure they and I would discover some pretty fundamental disagreements if we ever sat down in a bar to chat. All the same, I find their channels both enlightening and enormously entertaining -- and so I'd like to share them all with you!

Yorick is a transgender man from Scotland whose relatively new channel seems primarily focused on trans issues. While he believes there are biological reasons why people would experience a disconnect between their experienced gender and their apparent physical gender and is convinced that sex-change surgery is the best approach to deal with this dysphoria, he is very critical of the supposed "gender spectrum" beloved by Tumblr enthusiasts. To be quite frank, he thinks it doesn't exist. He also thinks these new gender activists are being profoundly unrealistic and are consequently giving transgender people a bad name. A very interesting perspective!

Blair White is a transgender woman from, I believe, the U.S. who makes short and sassy videos responding to any SJW nonsense that happens to catch her fancy. Like Yorick, she's grounded, she's confident, and she hates it when political radicals try to speak for her.

Oh - and remember that super long post I wrote a while back countering the SJW brand of disability activism? Well Shannon - aka Liberal Lunacy - is a wheelchair user who refuses to be resentful. She loves "cripple jokes" and even got herself a "Most Valuable Cripple" trophy just for the fun of it.

Shoe0nHead, meanwhile, focuses mostly on responding to feminist ideologues. Her common sense come-backs are great -- and I love her wage gap button!

And from the Land Down Under, we have SugarTits and Bearing! They curse freely (a trait that seems to be common among Aussie YouTubers), so I wouldn't call their response videos "safe for work." They are funny, though. Thanks to them, I've actually tried Vegemite!

Others you should check out:
  • That Guy T, a black libertarian from the Atlanta area whose responses to #BlackLivesMatter in particular should not be missed.
  • Kraut and Tea, a German YouTuber who does live streams with some very interesting folks.
  • Sargon of Akkad, a classically liberal and atheist Brit whose "thinky" videos I've linked at least once before.
  • skagg3, who's also clearly thoughtful and intelligent.
  • And lastly, Harmful Opinions and TL;DR.

Happy to help feed your internet addiction!


  1. ...and THAT's how I wind up wasting four hours on youtube...instead of blogging...

  2. People who fear monger about stuff that doesn't matter. No thanks. "Liberal Lunacy" is the kind of person who likes to show off how not offended she is to the point where she dismisses people's plights. She couldn't even make up her mind what she was complaining about in that video. She likes cripple jokes, good for her. God forbid anyone not like them though.