Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Few Quick Links: Get Them While They're Hot!

Banned by the Publisher, Nick Cole

An author explains how he was railroaded by a mainstream publisher for a "wrong" idea. Could this be why some people are so resentful?

The Beach Book Report, Peter S. Wood, et. al.

Here, the National Association of Scholars takes a look at the summer reading colleges assign to their incoming freshman classes. The recency bias is a huge concern -- as are the evident political biases.

Say Hello to Twitter's Tweet Police, Daniel Payne

The fact that Twitter is talking to a slew of left-wing censorship advocates should be a giant red flag. Those of us with conservative leanings better get cracking on building freer alternatives.

The Flint Water Crisis - Solutions, Not Whining, Jonathan LaForce

This perspective on the situation in Flint, written by a vet with highly relevant experience, is definitely worth a read.

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