Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Guest Post: GamerGate, by Declan Finn

The other day, we discussed SJWs, Social Justice Warriors, and why they're various and sundry types of lying pond scum. Mostly because they are. And while I would like to seek revenge for all the harm they've done to normal people, we don't have to resort to any such tactics, because, well, they're going to do it to themselves in the long run.

Also discussed the other day was one Anita Sarkissian, lying sociopath. She's part of the larger whole that is GamerGate? It started with one Madam Zoe Quinn, a female video game developer in a world that generally lacks female developers.  During her declared monogamous relationship with her boyfriend Quinn, she cheated on him.

Do we care? Not one whit. So why does it matter? Because Quinn, this bastion of womanhood, this secular saint among women … slept with her married boss, as well as video game reviewers. What was that I heard about feminism? Is this thing on?

So yeah, it's not about Quinn. It's about how video games – and mostly gamer journalism – is corrupt. Sleeping with reviewers? Journalistic ethics? Anyone?

Quinn and her company released a minor game that hasn't gotten many reviews.

However, the SJWs protect their own. What happens when the story doesn't serve the ends of an SJW? If you answered “Change the story,” you can pat yourself on the back.

How is this possible, you ask? Because gaming journalists have been using a mailing list to coordinate on how to shape the news on the Quinn scandal – making it less about the corruption in their industry, and all about the gamer. Their customer.

Yup. I note that the “jerks” here are the gamers. Not the ones who gave good reviews in exchange for “favors.” Not Quinn’s married employer. Not even Quinn.  Quinn is a delicate flower who must be protected, not a sociopathic liar and manipulator.

It gets better. Here are some other choice quotes from the gaming industry:

  • Gamers are “socially awkward weirdos who dress like garbage”. (Devin Faraci, Badassdigest)
  • “These obtuse s***slingers, these wailing hyper-consumers, these childish internet-arguers — they are not my audience.” (Leigh Alexander, Gamasutra)
  • Regarding the scandal, gamers represented the side who “folded its arms, slumped its shoulders while pouting like an obstinate child”. (Chris Plante, Editor-at-Large, Polygon)

Yup. Zoe Quinn is a good little SJW. “All” of the critics were single white male losers (and we can ignore all of those who are plainly not white or male).  Let’s also ignore that Quinn has actively gone after other women who want to get into the gaming industry.  Quinn might find it difficult to be special if she was one of dozens.

The story is misogyny. That's it. And if you disagree, make sure you're behind bulletproof glass.

Enter standard censorship.  Anyone with an opinion was no longer allowed to have one on comment threads. Gamers couldn’t even comment on the silence from news outlets. Forget gaming journalists, now gamers were told to sit down and shut up.

This is an unholy mess, and the gaming journalists conspiring to manipulate the media coverage of GamerGate to distract from their own corruption? That’s just icing on the cake.  It’s hard to imagine any other industry that would deliberately twist the story to paint their own consumers as the villains.

No matter what anyone says, GamerGate is about media corruption, and the lengths journalists will go to in order to cover their asses.  The gamer media have declared war on the casual gamer, the serious gamer, and anyone who isn’t out and out “One of Us,” on the their side of the spectrum.

But just remember, they're SJWs, and they care.

Yes. Caring kills.


  1. Wow, look at Syriangirlpartisan's other videos. She's... Um...

  2. Wow, look at Syriangirlpartisan's other videos. She's... Um...